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United States
Current Residence: That one town in that one state
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Favourite cartoon character: Axel, Demyx, Xigbar, Roxas, Sora, Melman, Stitch, Jack-Jack
Personal Quote: "Don't make me come /up/ there."
  • Mood: Jolly
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  • Playing: KHII, KHre:COM.
  • Eating: Was eating vanilla pudding
  • Drinking: ... Water. Holy crap, I know.
Okay, so it's like... 2:30 in the morning. I'm extremely tired, but... not because I got up two hours later than I probably should have this morning. : I'll probably be setting my alarm in the morning to get myself up at 10. That's how I get back in my routine for when I have to go back to school. I mean, within the first two days of being out, I had slept until 2:00 in the afternoon. I haven't done that since early summer. o__o I mean, as nice as it may seem to some, I HATE it. Why? Because you stay up late, you sleep late... and because you aren't tired until later because you slept late, you stay up late. And then you sleep late. D:< And I can get into this crappy routine within just a few days. I swore to myself I wouldn't... and I went to my mom's and did the whole Christmas thing and did anyway. :B I'm /so/ persistant.

Anyway. The whole point of this was to say what I got for Christmas and ask others what they got! Because I like knowing! :] I hate bragging. Really. I mean. I hate people who brag and I'm not going to be a hypocrite and brag unless I feel the right. And getting stuff just because I might have more money than someone else doesn't give me the right. ... Yes, I'm preaching. And I'm being serious. I was raised like that. Besides. ;'D If you hate someone doing something... then shouldn't you not do it to? Eh. My logic is screwy, I suppose. Thus is life.

Yeah. :] Christmas was fab. Waaay better than last year when we had major family problems, blahblahblah. Story of my life. :B As is everyone's, I suppose. Anywho, it was pretty neat. I personally stayed at my mom's house 20 minutes south of here in another town. We bought her a tree a week or two ago and she loved it. It's white with prelit multicolored lights. It was pretty fancy. She's always wanted one, so that was a really heartwarming gift for her. She busted her foot falling down the stairs so... yeah. She's been out a while, didn't have the money to get one, but she's got one now! 8D ... Yeah. /tree story.

Unfortunately, my Christmas was pretty... well. Okay. It doesn't matter. But I didn't have much under the tree. Why? Because I was a dumbass and knew all my presents beforehand. : Don't do that guys. I know it's awesome to get your favorite gifts early. But... come Christmas, if you haven't got anything under there, you're going to feel crappy. Though, I didn't. I had long accepted that fact. I had fun handing out gifts and going "OH MY GOD OPEN THIS ONE PLZ" and... stuff. XD My family liked the stuff I got them, so that was pretty cool. My siblings even joined in the fun by running around the house, grabbing everything they could, and wrapping it like crazy banshees hooraaay. 8D I used to do the same thing, though. :B But... although I got 99% of my stuff before Christmas, I still had a good time.

In case anyone was indeed curious, I can say the stuff I got. :] I'd really love to hear everyone else's. I'm surprised the DCL didn't have a topic asking people how their Christmas went. Maybe I/someone can start one after New Years and include that, too. Hnn~

- Class Ring! Number one on my 'wishlist' this year. I haven't really been wanting one up until just recently when everyone and their mother was getting one at school. And you know the old saying "If everyone jumps off a cliff, would you?" Well. XD I would, apparently. It's kind of... well, it's not 'cheap'. But I got it a 'cheap' way. Went to Walmart and payed about 110 dollars for it... compared to about the 300 - 600? whatever I would've had to pay anywhere else. I really like it though. o_o They spelled my name right, for one thing. That's an epic bonus right there. And they included my band and art junk on the sides. And the best thing? My birthstone just so happens to be my favorite color. XD So it pretty much goes with everything else that I own (which is lime green). :B If you think I'm not serious, come to my house. Anyway! This present was number one. Soon followed by...

- Printer/Scanner/Copier which is... really different. It's hard getting used to it, but it's nice. I'll miss my other one, though. Had it since 6th or 7th grade. Either way, I got this sucker during the Black Friday craze at Walmart for 25 dollars. Pretty sweet. And it's an HP and it WORKS with my Vista HOORAY. Gosh, hardly anything I previously had did. o_o So it's nice for an upgrade. I've been waiting quite a while. Not only that, but I was getting sick of having to do a routine every time I wanted to scan something... and my other one kept eating my ink. D:< I payed 40 bucks for cartridges and it said "LOL WUT INK?!" and ate it. Bastard. When I was going to put the ink into this one, the holder kind of slid out to where you could put it in and then TOOK OFF when the cartridges were put in. I lol'd. It was all "OMNOMNOM". :B Hungry thing. Anyway. I named my new scanner Puffy. ... Don't ask why I name it, I name everything. Also. Don't ask why I named it Puffy. Actually. I named it Puff-Daddy, but Puffy sounds cooler. ;'D Moving on~

- Kingdom Hearts re:Chain of Memories. Hooray! I've been waiting for this game FOREVER. <3 Okay, not forever. But. It's pretty sweet! I haven't really had a chance to play it lately. Been busy. But I've gotten along somewhat. After seeing all these scenes in Japanese, it's REALLY weird to see them English-fied. o_o The graphics are still really good, though, and WAY better/easier to handle than the GBA game, thank goodness. The only downside about it is that the voice transfer from Japan to USA... is... err... well, they didn't bother to change it. They just kind of took away the Japanese voice and added in English. So the mouth moves like Japanese, but they're speaking English. XD But it's almost too awesome to care about. Just a little nitpick though. Okay. Next was...

- Dragon candle holder/Green-colored glass cat Same person who got me the three-headed dragon from last year got me these fancy-dancy things. <3 Candle holder came with lilac stuff that smells like heaven. Too bad my allergies are keeping me from the full-blown scent. Aaargh. D:< My medication wears off about this time of night. /facebashbashbash Oh yeah. The awesome lad also got me a candy cane. :B The /good/ kind. ... Hoyes~

- Melman plushie. You just... D:> Don't see any Madagascar stuff around. I think it's because they aren't a part of Disney... or at least a major part (is Dreamworks Disney?) but it was SO cool seeing a new plushie out for him. He was really awesome in the second movie. :] I seriously suggest going out and getting it when it comes out. It's great.

- Pajamas! Yay! Not really... a huge gift to some, but I love pajamas. I have... quite a few pairs, but they're all mismatched. Like I have the pants to one pair... the pants to another. Maybe a shirt that doesn't fit anymore. You get it. These are really comfy, though and they're within the same color palette as my room. :] Neat.

- iTunes card! YAY! Been waiting a month for this! 8D It's only a 15 dollar one, but I've been wanting several songs forever and I was half tempted to cheat and download them somehow. I'm awful. Anyway. I LOVE music, so. :] If anyone has a few favorite songs, feel free to toss them my way.


I know it looks like a lot and I feel like I made out like a bandit this year, so I'm sorry if it seemed like I bragged. D:> I tried not to, honest. Anyway. Again. SHARE YOUR JUNK WITH ME I AM A VERY CURIOUS KOUGIE.


~ Kougie

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